How to fix Quickbooks error code 5502

Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software, bust sometimes many Quickbooks users encounter the various type of error codes one of from these Quickbooks error code 5502. You may face Quickbooks error code 5502 while storing data in your Quickbooks account

We are going to discuss many possible causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve this error 5502 in Quickbook. It is someways recommended to solve the Quickbooks error as early possible in sequence to continue work in Quickbooks software.

Following are the causes of Quickbooks error code 5502

Causes of Quickbooks error code 5502 is given below. And continue to check the Following causes below:

There is a list of some important causes of Quickbooks error code 5502.

  • The Quickbooks error 5502 is that the result of the matter any online service and a third party in the developer software connection to the Quickbooks Software.
  • Company files augmentation has changed, And Quickbooks was don’t ready to peruse the company record.
  • An Expand Record. QBB Has corporally renamed in Mac.
  • A expand record has Wrongfully renamed in Quickbooks software’ window. QBM, QBX or QBB.
  • During the Build of the company record, Quickbooks recognizes Injury in the company file.
  • You will have to crucial Point in mind that this application can normally modify your data.
  • Quickbook software working in a file which has Located in USB’s blaze drive.

How to Resolve Quickbooks error 5502

Following are the solutions for Quickbooks error code 5502 is given below.

Method 1:

  • You need to find the folder containing the company files.
  • Go to the relative file. ND file which is stored in the company document.
  • Now, look this up modifying them. ND extension and right tab on it to “rename” the file.
  • And scanning the file using the Quickbooks Database Server. To grow with the scan you need.
  • If you are available to see your files name then the problem is resolved, but if don’t try another method.
  • After this Tab ‘ok’ and ‘scan’.

Method 2:

  • Create a New folder and copy the doc file.
  • Open the new folder and paste the doc there, check whether the full file Extension will be displayed.
  • Rename the. QBM file, and change its extension.
  • Open the folder and save the files.
  • Restore the portable after opening the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • With. QBB, and rename the extension of the if your file is not opening.
  • You have to now restore all the back-ups.
  • If the file is still not opened, with the extension. QBX file then removed it.

Method 3:

  • You have to tab on the employee now tab on the name of the employee.
  • Now you have to scroll down the button and tab on the enter [tax year] prior pay Information.
  • And click on yes and click on.
  • This employee, tab the YTD completely as of today.
  • Now click next and enter the YTD completely as of the back quarter for this employee.
  • Click Next and click the additional payment details.
  • Enter the company information and each pay details for the Present quarter also.
  • Now, Open the first page and date of the quarter.
  • And Enter the Details of the employees Every pay date.
  • After that enter all of the taxes, and on paycheck history from back payroll provider report.
  • Finally, click on done.

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