Procedure to use and install Quickbooks diagnostic tool

The Quickbooks Diagnostic tool is a software feature of Quickbooks to troubleshoot undefined error while opening the company file. This issue mostly creat when multi-user QB environment. Quickbooks Diagnostic tool can be fixed multi-user and networking error to enable that may appear while the user runs the company file.

Quickbooks Diagnostic tool provided appropriate connection among the Quickbooks database manager, Quickbooks company record and application. Quickbooks Diagonastic tool only uses who are running Window Vista, Microsoft Window7, Or Window XP. People can easily install and run the Diagnostic tool to fix all the error message which appears at the time of Quickbooks Desktop installation. This tool called QBNetDiag Tool.ex, QBServer UtilityMgr.exe, etc.

How to Download & Install Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool?

Here the all step with the guide for QuickBooks install diagnostic tool download.

  • This is the link Quickbooks Diagnostic Tools to set up the file in your system.
  • Do first save the setup file on your Desktop
  • When the download has been completed then you will be seen on your screen  “QBInstall_tool_v2.exe” like that.
  • After that, you will do close all are the other app which is open in your system
  • Now you can double click the “QBInstall_tool_v2.exe” and run in your system.
  • At last, you have to restart the system after Diagnose.


  • You must make sure the internet connection is good for running your system smooth.
  •  Be aware to all are the background app which is running in your system that will close.
  •   It will be designed to automatically detected and fix the error but you should be required re-robot.

How Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool resolves your problems?

  1. Learning which firewall port should be open
  2. Quickbooks database unable to connected
  3. Quickbooks Database connecting problem
  4. Using the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Install Quickbooks Diagnostic Tools in an easy way

Quickbooks Diagnostic tools are using to so simple. You have to do install and extract the Quickbooks connection Diagnostic tools which are located at the QuickBooks download the device tab. Then you have double click the connection diagnostic tool icon in a click to run the device. When it is done you have followed the troubleshooting steps such as:

Diagnose  Connection Tab

These Diagnose tools use for the computer set up to make sure the company file has come at able To the system and the most thing is the configured as muti or single user. And the error has come when the firewall or port are blocked or the access is not correctly.

Firewall Status

The Firewall Status tab is included all the information about Firewall.

Test Connectivity

This is a help to protect the connectivity of workstation. Also, it helps to show all issue from the connectivity workstation.

Test the connectivity of your computer
  • Now have to do the first click next button to the company file and filed to locate your company file.
  • And the most important this is only Linux a system can choose the change hosting server check box is a network set up and it is an alternate mode.
  • And also the most important thing is before you access the connectivity test, all statuses see ‘‘Not Applicable’’ in Blue
  • And when you run the test that time you have seen RED that means “threat will not find” and GREEN is means by “No found any problem”.


  1. Now you have to click the connectivity button
  2. And when you click the connectivity button if you see the red indicated then you go to the advanced section.
  3. The click the what do these means?
  4. When all the statues will fix, run the tool again to check for any issue
  5. Then you have gotten the successful massage.
  6. Repeat all the step will do in above the list to all client computer that has Quickbooks Install.
  7. MSXML
  8. C++
  9. Microsoft.Net Framework
  1. Quickbooks Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot to Microsoft.NET,MSXML,C++
  2. Fix all problem with Microsoft Component Manual
  3. Try to install only Quickbooks in Selective Startup
  4. Try using a window update to install the lost update pertaining to reinstall .net framework, MSXML, and also C++

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