Quickbooks database server Manager – Manage, install and update

The Quickbooks is a multi-tasking software with important features and characteristics in every important field. It asserts you to configure the Quickbooks database server for multiple users to work for some time. QuickBooks Database Manager you can organize the application for many users. Include these important features, you can create optimum utilize of Quickbook database server manager. These database management tools making network files (.ND) for many company documents on the host System.

Continue to this Article will be the focus on how to install, update and set up the “Quickbooks database server manager” in your computer. And the “network file” (.ND) of this computer is completely stored on the system. You can use the types of QuickBooks software, Now, you have to install the “Quickbooks Database server manager” for more version. And install the Quickbooks software starting with the Latest to the oldest one.

Important tips:

  • Quickbooks Database server Manager(  QBDBMS): (QBDBMS) is responsible for making network data files (.ND) and stored the company file on the host computer. If you have to use multiple version of Quickbook desktop, the Database server Manager for many version must be install.
  • If you can Install multiple versions of Database Server Manager will give you only multiple version of processes but it cannot provide multiple versions of the software.
  • You can use multiple versions of Quickbooks Desktop, you may install the Database server Manager for many version in a chronological order from oldest to newest.
  • Ensure that the year’s Database Service is running in the background when loading the Database server Manager for each year. In the service of windows interface which accessible via the window control panel, then these services are listed as Quickbooks DBXX, where the XX represents the version number (eg. Quickbooks Desktop 2018 for “28” and Quickbooks 2017 for “27”).
  • Quickbook Version Add a User: The Quickbooks Database server manager installed for many Quickbooks Versions add a user (ex. QBDataserviceUser“28” for 2018 and QBDataserviceUser“27” for 2017).

Quickbooks database server manager – Simple Steps to install

  • Now, Double click the Installer for your Quickbooks and start the installation wizard.
  • Then select Next if the system has access to the network and able to download an update. You don’t select No, And then Next.
  • Close all other open programs and click Next.
  • Read all the terms of the Software License Agreements. If you agree and select “I accept the terms in the license agreement”, and click Next.
  • Then choose Custom or Network Options.
  • And select an installation type:
  • Select I’II will be using Quickbooks on this computer AND I’ll be store… if you will run the Quickbooks program on your computer.
  • Select “I will NOT be using Quickbooks on this computer…” if you will only sore Quickbooks data on your computer.

Note: when you select “I will NOT be using Quickbooks on this computer…” then, you don’t enter the license number.

  • Continue to Select Yes, and Allow access.
  • Submit your License Number and product number.
  • Follow the step On-screen instructions to completely Install.
  • After it has been installed set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Update “QB Database server manager”

Time to time, it may be important to update the database server manager. Generally, it is important when a critical update to a current year is released and the new year of QuickBooks desktop is installed in this workstations.

  • Firstly maybe download the patch from Update Quickbooks Desktop to the Latest release.

Note: Now, The patch for the workstation is common for the patch for the workstation.

  • Then reboot your server after the patch installation completely successful.
  • On the server, after the workstation has been upgraded on the server then you get the following message: the company file require to be updated to work with this version of Quickbooks Desktop.
  • These updates can modify the Database structure than these will be a prompt to create a backup.
  • When you follow the prompts and after backup is completed. You should be able to open the file.

Use the Setup QB database server manager to:

You can use the database server manager tool:

  • Scan your folder for QB company files which need to be configured for multiple user access.
  • Monitor local hard drives are used to configure a company file automatically.

Open the QB database server manager:

  • Now, Go to Start and select on programs.
  • Select on QuickBooks, and then click on Quickbooks Database Server Manager.

How to Scan your folder Features:

You can Store all company files on the server must be scanned one to ensure that they are configured properly to allow other multi-users access to these company files easily.

  • Go to Start, then click on all programs.
  • Select on Quickbooks folder, and then click on QB Database Server Manager.
  • Choose folder: and indicate which folders contain QB company files. If you don’t sure where the files are stored, then you can select to scan entire disks.
  • Then select on a scan. then the display bar will be shown that which folders are being scanned.

When the scan completes, the company file is configured in the scanned folders for multiple user access.

Add Folder:

You can Select on add folder and click on the folder you want to add. The position of this company folders that contain the file.

Remove folder:

Click on remove the folder by selecting the folders that contain company file and select the removed folder.

You can Select on scan the folder listed under the folders that contain company file. After completing the scan Quickbook Company file found on that folder.

How to Monitored your Drives feature:

Use the monitored derive features to keep the QB database server manager up to date when you add new Quickbooks company files to your server.

  • Go to the Start button, then select on all programs.
  • Click Quickbooks, then you select Quickbooks database manager.
  • Select on monitored drives tab.
  • Select all local drives that you want to be monitored for company file that is added, removed, or renamed.

Note: Mapped drives, it’s not possible to display and Monitor.

Your QB database server Feature:

Now, Open your Quickbooks Database Manager to determine:

  • The QB Company file connected to the server and the list of users logged into each company file.
  • The status of the Quickbooks Database server service. When the server is hosting company file, service should be running.
  • You want to change the status of the service use the services Administrative tools to configure the service QuickbookDBXX.

Database server updates feature:

If you can use the Update feature to download updates to the Quickbooks server and to view the versions of Quickbooks Server.

  • Go to Start, then select a program, select Quickbook and then click Quickbooks Database, server manager.
  • select on Updates.
  • Then follow the display instructions to check for you and install updates.

Database server System Feature:

If you can use the System Feature to find the System information about the database server is installed.

  • Now, Go to Start button and select on programs.
  • Click on Quickbooks, then you select the Quickbooks Database Server Manager.
  • Select on the System and click the system information for the computer where the Database server is installed.

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