How to Create, Delete and Hide Facebook Timeline Post

Facebook is a social networking website  Where users can communicate each together by messaging and share their photos, videos, etc. You can make a good connection on facebook with lots of people. You can share all activities only with your friends and groups. Facebook gives many privacy and security options to save your account from hacking. and want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook customer service phone numbers.

Key Features of Facebook:-

We have some key features of Facebook which are as follows:-

  • Facebook allows you to maintain a friends list and you can hide your data from unknown users and also can share with your friends.
  • Facebook gives you security and privacy.
  • You can Upload photos, videos, or status on facebook, you can also share your photos with your Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Supports to chat with friends and comments on their activities as their pics, status, etc for making a good connection.
  • Facebook also supports group pages and news pages to connect with you. And you can also take advantage of Facebook by gaining news and knowledge.
  • Facebook allows us to connect with multi-users in one time.
  • Facebook gives you a facility to share your thoughts with a friend.

How to create a Facebook account:-

  • First of all, You should go on Facebook official site
  • You should click Create an account Option.
  • After this, you need to fulfill all the details like your Name, DOB, password, etc.
  • After finishing your account you need to  Verify your email or mobile number.

How to create a Facebook Timeline Post:-

  • First of all, you need to go top on your facebook page on Newsfeed or Timeline and Click make a post.
  • Add a text or image or whatever you want to post.
  • You can add your location, feeling, activity, etc.

How to Delete a Facebook Timeline Post:-

  • First of all, select the post whatever you want to delete from your timeline.
  • Click on the post and click on delete option of your post.
  • Your timeline post will be deleted.
  • When you delete any post from your timeline then you should remember you can only delete your post which you have posted.

How to hide a Facebook Timeline Post:-

  • Click on the top and select setting.
  • Click timeline and tagging.
  • Choose the post which you want to hide.
  • Select hide option and hide your post from your timeline.

Advantages of Facebook:-

1. Facebook For Networking:-

Everybody knows Facebook is a networking site and Social media site in which you can connect with each other. You can connect with your family, friend, colleagues and you can find a new friend on facebook also.

2. Facebook for Bussiness:-

  • Facebook is one of the largest sites in the world where we are allowed as well as urged to connect with everyone.
  • Anyone can exploit Facebook to keep up a decent association with other people who relate to specific tastes or items.
  • Facebook is significant in light of the fact that as a business, you can sell or advance an item/administration to a very focused on a group of onlookers, subsequently expanding the potential outcomes of profiting on the web.
  • Facebook permits the foundation of organizations between different tasks. Additionally, utilizing a Facebook fan page.
  • You can build your image esteem and online life nearness for your business. Whenever utilized legitimately, Facebook can enable you to discover new leads and customers.

3. Facebook for Video chat:-

  • Facebook is used for video chatting also.
  • Recently, Facebook implemented the Facebook video chat feature in association with Skype.
  • Now you can make video calls to your companions utilizing Facebook’s inbuilt video chat administration.

4. Facebook For Image Hosting:-

  • You can also use Facebook for image sharing with your Friends and family.
  • You can set privacy levels for individual collections to control who can perceive what you share.
  • Also, you can generally download your total gathering of Facebook photographs utilizing the Facebook reinforcement account include.

5. Facebook For Video Hosting:-

  • you can generally download your total gathering of Facebook Videos utilizing the Facebook reinforcement account include.
  • You can also use Facebook for video hosting with your Friends and family.
  • You can set privacy levels for individual collections to control who can perceive what you share.

6. Facebook for News and Information:-

  • The main advantage of Facebook is that it gives us News and Information about social media.
  • Facebook is a real-time social networking site this makes it one of the best sources to stay updated with the latest news and information.
  • Latest news speedily viral on Facebook and gives us information and news.
  • So, mainly you can get the latest updates from Facebook.
  • This is the biggest advantage of using Facebook.

7. Facebook is a personal Portfolio:-

  • Facebook’s Timeline gives a totally new look with respect to your own profile marking.
  • You can also make certain updates public, and whenever done strategically.
  • You can utilize it as a portfolio.
  • For instance, in the event that you need people to remember you as a Facebook business master, you can set your protection to Public for your most remarked and loved.
  • Facebook is for business tips, articles, and exchanges.
  • Thusly all your new profile guests will see your mastery, and they will associate with you due to your valuable and focused on updates.
  • This will also enable you to get more endorsers and potential customers.

Disadvantages of Facebook:-

1. Facebook Privacy:-

  • Nowadays Hackers break the privacy of Facebook so it is very dangerous for the user.

2. Private Status Visible Publicly:-

  • Even though Facebook has simplified its privacy settings, many unknowing users still end up distributing private pictures and notices freely.
  • Additionally, individuals, for the most part, keep their Facebook companions list noticeable to the general population, and this aide Facebook stalkers discover more data about you.

3. Fake Facebook Profiles:-

  • Facebook is not secure platform facebook have lots of fake profile.
  • People misuse Facebook Ids.
  • There are lots of businessmen who have fake facebook profiles only for increasing their business and make people fool.

Time Consuming:-

  • People waste their time on Facebook.
  • They should use Facebook with a time limit.
  • Facebook offers many entertaining games so it takes us all time and wastes our time.

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