How To Fix Quickbooks Error 6123?

Quickbooks is known for the accounting software and its users are over the world. but now a day many users face many kinds of Quickbooks problem like 6000, 5202, 1904, unable to install Dianogistic tool, and much more but in that given all error, one, of the common of Quickbooks Error 6123, that error when the users update the company files to a new version of Quickbooks Desktop or while restoring a backup, or maybe accessing a file located on another computer.

Reason for Quickbooks Error 6123

know the reason why occur Error code 6123, below this article given some possible reason due to which condition it error occur.

  • If the window is damaged.
  • Damage the Quickbooks data file.
  • Insufficient internet connection.
  • If your system has running different Quickbooks database administrations.
  • If the same company file is open another form of Quickbooks
  • Firewall network is hindering aport expected to communicate with the server facilitating the company file.
  • If the McAfee antivirus service is installed on your computer but it interferes with Quickbooks Desktop Services.

Some Easy Step to Resolve The Error Code 6123

in this article, we have discussed some really effective solution that can help you to fix the error 6123. Let see how to fix Quickbooks Error 6123.

Download the Quickbooks File Doctor

  • Go to the Quickbooks official site and download and install Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • then run the Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • go to the browser Company File
  • Select and check the damaged file then diagnose file.
  • Enter your Admin password and click the OK
  • Select and open the File in the new version or repair in the existing version.
  • Follow all step which is given to you.
  • Then restart your computer and run the Quickbooks File Doctor
  • in case this is doesn’t work then try the next step

Note:- If you are not know how to download and install Quickbooks File Doctor then see our article.

Resolve the Damaged Network Data Files (*.nd)

  • Open the Windows Explore With help of Windows+E which is on your keyboard.
  • Go to the company file and connecting it.
  • Then press the right click on company file and inter the company file name and the extension, nd.
  • Then click the rename option and change the extension to, ndold.
  • In the next press enter and open the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • And then open the company file.
  • Now you can see your new data file is created on your Quickbooks Desktop.
  • When it will be done then open the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Then open the company file.
  • Select the Company file and then choose and switch to single-user mode.
  • Select the file and choose Utilities.
  • Now click on the Stop hosting Multi-user access.
  • again select the file and again choose Utilities.
  • again select the Host multi-user access.
  • Then select the file and choose switch to multi-user mode.

Disable to McAfee Anti Virus

Sometimes the antivirus program interferes with the company file and the user might not be able to open the Quickbooks Company File. disable the antivirus program and open the file. it can help to fix the Quickbooks Error  6123. If it is doesn’t work then try to next step.

Reinstall the Quickbooks

  • Uninstall the current running Quickbooks on your computer.
  • Have your products and license information available.
  • Download Quickbooks Version with help of Quickbooks CD.
  • Then install the Quickbooks  With normal Procedure.
  • Fill your product and license information.
  • Then open the company file.

Create a New user Window

  • open the Control Panel.
  • Click the user icon and create a new user.
  • Select the Administrator for user type.
  • log out of the existing.
  • Then restart your computer and login on your new user name and password.
  • Move the Company file from your desktop.
  • Then open the Quickbooks and access the company file.


However, you are not able to fix your problem then we recommended to reboot your computer in safe mode with strong networking connection and then try again. if you are still facing Quickbooks Error 6123. Don’t hesitation feel free and call our Quickbooks Support or Quickbooks error support team. We offer comprehensive technical support service to troubleshoot all Quickbooks related problem.

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