How to Use GoPayment with Quickbooks POS?

Use Gopayment with Quickbooks point of sale

Quickbooks is a bookkeeping software that has many of accounting processes in one user-friendly system. Quickbooks is one of the best and fastest-growing software for small and medium-size business. It offers account application and accepts business payments, manages and pay bills, and payroll function. Quickbooks Pos solution by intuit is a fully-featured desktop pos. It provides sales, inventory, and customer tracking. It helps you to save time with multi taking and keyboard shortcuts.  

Intuit’s GoPayment is one of the cheap mobile payment solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses. It is payment management and mobile payment gateway allow peoples to process the credit card transaction via the mobile application. This payment solution can be fully integrated with QuickBooks and there are no additional charges.

Here we discuss Quickbooks point of sale features where you can use Gopayment with Quickbooks point of sale that update inventory on the fly.

Gopayment with Quickbooks Pos will allow you to save your time in your inventory and mobile sales. You can sell your inventories and mobile sales. 

  • Here are Some Features
  • Free Gopayment account is included in Quickbooks payment.
  • Selection of all types of payments including cash check, scan, key, or swipe card through Gopayment.
  • You can spend credit card sales from anywhere it may be inside of your shop by using sales mobile sync features of Quickbooks desktop Point.
  • The low Quickbooks payment rate matches with a swipe rate.
  • iPhone and Android can be used for Gopayment.
  • Your pos software sync with all inventory and sales information.
  • Quickbooks pos save new payment as sales receipts.
  • Whether you are at a meeting or on the road, you will never miss a sale.
  • Complete sales on the spot even if there are lineups at your shops.

Connect Gopayment account with Quickbooks online

Let see some steps to integrate with your Gopayment account with Quickbooks online.

  • Start by selecting the Gear icon.
  • Select Account and setting/Company Setting.
  • From left menu select payment.
  • Select Connect in the existing account section.
  • Any other account associated with your user id will be searched by Quickbooks.
  • Make sure that Correct Merchant account is listed
  • Now link the account by selecting the Link account.

Setup Mobile Sync in Quickbooks POS

  • Start by signing in with your intuit payment Account in your POS.
  • Click on edit setting underpayment Preference and choose according to your industry. Unselect any recommended option and check the box Accept/ATM card payments.
  • Select file>Preferences>company Preferences.
  • Turn on mobile sync.
  • You can decrease or increase sync frequency by turning mobile sync on or off.
  • Select the mobile Sync option.

Sync GoPayment and Inventory

Open the Edit inventory option and after it, open the item list. Select the item that you want to put up for sale in Gopayment.

  • Click on Edit, under in More info widget, check the Sync to Mobile box.
  • Click on Save.

Syncing Department to your mobile phone

  • Click on inventory from pos and select the department list.
  • Click on the Department tab from the department columns and sort the names of the department in order.
  • if needed to edit the departmental name.
  • Now finish the mobile sync.

Complete the Sync in GoPayment

  • Click the Gopayment application, from your mobile device.
  • Login to your Quickbooks Payment Account after launching the GoPayment.
  • First Select Setting after opening the menu.
  • Click Sync item under the Sync Setting.

Now test the Gopayment Device

  • Start by Selecting New Payment.
  • To see your list items and Departments.

These steps will help you to set up the syncing of point of sale with Gopayment. 

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